Jurassic Setting


Hi mum and dad

OMG!!! It’s outstandingly amazing here 65 million years ago in Jurassic times. You wouldn’t believe what I have been up to!!!

Above my head, I can see a flock of flying dinosaurs teaching their new born babies how to fly away from meat-eaters. In the distance, I can hear the rustling of a T-Rex hunting down plant-eaters. At night can you believe that I have to sleep on a rough, huge rock that is next to an old warehouse? In front of me, I can smell the T-Rex’s hot, stinky breath invading my nostrils as the scent travels through the air. On the tip of my tongue, I can taste the delicious, juicy berries sliding down the back of my throat like a slithering snake. Randomly every single day I dream of a dinosaur kindly giving me fruit and when I wake up the exact same fruits are in front of me. Strange! Under my feet I can feel the mud squashing in-between my toes leaving a trail of sticky mud behind so I can find my way back to my accommodation.

Without warning, a gargantuan, fierce T-Rex came charging into the open view while all the other dinosaurs started to stare at the epic battle between the Spinosaurus and the T-Rex. The ground shook. BANG! BANG! BANG! Another T-Rex came running behind. One of the T-Rex bit the Spinosuarus tail and the other bit his chest. Dashing, the spinosaurus sprinted away. I nearly fainted. A while later the spinosaurus came fighting back whacking his tail on the T-Rex. Savagely the spinosaurus repeatedly bit the chest of the other T-Rex. Until . . . In fact, I’ll tell you the rest when I get home.

In closing, I wish you were here with me helping me find more exciting stuff for my experiment back at home. Furthermore, I cannot wait to show you the bones I found in the disgusting bog.

From Tom (Mohamed)

PS. I’m still not used to the bugs landing on me when I sleep as it makes me ITCH!