Jurassic Setting


Hey mum and dad,

Oh my golly gosh, it’s utterly outstanding here in Jurassic times. You couldn’t even imagine all the things I’ve experienced.

In the distance, I can see lots of towering trees as tall as lampposts. In addition, I can feel the cold, windy breeze slapping the side of my cheek like a belt. In front of me I can smell the poisonous, acrid smoke invading my nostrils. Scattered on the floor, I can hear the dirty, gritty mud squashing in the creases of my toes. They left a muddy trail behind me. Furthermore, on the tip of my tongue I can taste the red juicy berries crunching in between my shiny, sharp teeth. They were as crunchy as cornflakes. Unbelievably, I stay in a tree house, and use many leaves for a quilt and lots of rocks for pillows.


Suddenly, a cacophonous roar echoed through the forest. The ground shook. Just then I spotted a furious spinasaurus. Saliva slivered down its mouth. Above my head, a flock of pterodactles swooped furiously at me. Frozen, I stood as still as a statue. Furtherer more, my mouth and eyes were as wide as sauce pans. It picked me up. Alone, I found myself in a bog. Meanwhile, the stegosaurus and T-Rex fought. CRASH! The stegosaurus collapsed. Just at that moment the stegosaurus leaped up and scratched furiously until . . . the t- rex fell to the ground with a loud THUD!!!


Finally, I wish you were here, so I can show you all the places I’ve visited and all the amazing photos.

From Tom. (Hamza)

P,S I find it difficult to sleep because of continuous headaches. Furthermore my quilt really makes me itch like a dog that has a bunch of flees. Moreover, the food I eat is disgusting so half of the time I starve.