The Amazon Rainforest by Jamil

The father of an animal kingdom. A world within a world: the Amazon rainforest. Here the climate is burning hot, although it rains daily. This allows many plants to grow, swiftly and healthily. Everything here living or not, creates an immense eco-system allowing animals to live!

The Empty Emergent layer
In the Emergent you can see many light, miniscule birds skyrocketing as quickly as an aeroplane free to fly wherever it wants whenever it wants. These birds attempt to earn their money in a race to reach their destination.

Lightning rarely appears. This is very fortunate for the plants and animals as it causes a major catastrophe! Also they’re not many trees. (One being the minimum and ten being the maximum)

The Crazy Canopy
Lower down you arrive at the Canopy. Here a vast amount of monkeys and birds live. A monkey hunts for the higher, tastier, yellow chilies. They need to be very precise. Their main senses are: sight; touch; feel. The main species here are the acrobatic, miniscule squirrel monkey. These trees are amazingly healthy and swift. The more it rains the more the trees grow!

The Unstoppable Understory
Doom to an early death! The only trees that can live here are the quickest to grow because the oldest get the most sunlight, therefore killing the younger plants. This is very unlucky for the plants below the ancient leaves.
The understory has a cluster of monkeys, birds, insects and predators living here making this the most important layer, although it is the most dangerous, which creates another reason to stay undetected.
Forest Floor

The Fantastic Forest Floor
On the dangerous, dark forest floor there are boatloads of predators and petrified, miniature insects hiding. Here a cheetah stalks its quarry waiting to launch an attack for a huge rack of thick, scrumptious meat, meanwhile a lioness attempts to spy on them, in hope it can steal a hard won prize!
Rainforest view
The forest floor can be even more dangerous than the understory as it has even more predators/dangerous animals then anywhere on earth! This is the most common place to be assassinated in broad daylight; this means under the leaves this is the most hazardous area in the world! Most people do not always take this place seriously… until they spot a predator stalking them.

Would you take this place seriously? If so don’t burn this place to the ground, but leave this immense, beautiful country to the animals, so they can thrive in their ultimate eco- system in peace and harmony, not in anger and rage! This colossal natural beauty must be left this way for eternity