The Amazon Rainforest of Brazil by Aisha

picture of rainforest river

Welcome to the Amazonian Rainforest! Have you ever wondered how life is in the rainforest? If you have, then today you will discover many of its hidden secrets. All the rainforests in the world hang lazily around the equator. In addition, they hold many varieties of insects and animals. It is the green heart of the world, breathing in and out, pumping clear, fresh blood through the tropical, viridescent skyscrapers.

picture of rainforest sky

High up in the sky

Spider webs hang around lazily like a loaf of soft, silky bread on a dense, smooth worktop. Rough, crispy leaves have joints that make them reach the golden, fluorescent sunlight. A picturesque, ear-piercing parrot glides swiftly, perches, glances up towards the towering, drab apartment of trees. Parrots are like lights that flicker slowly before they lose their life. Elegantly the parrot glides like an uncontrollable kite flying across the cloudless, aquamarine sky.

picture of rainforest fruits

Third floor

The cheeky, energetic spider monkey is as acquisitive as a spoilt, mischievous baby bellowing for its warm, cuddly teddy bear. Spider monkeys often have arguments about their mustard-coloured, soft bananas. Elsewhere, bats quarrel over who gets to sleep where. Whereas butterflies are a ball of delicate, golden pollen being blown by the cool summer’s breeze.

picture of rainforest understory

The jet-black understory

Scaly, slithering snakes are like vines entwining themselves onto willowy, solid branches; the blood-curdling, gruesome spider sews its web patiently inbetween two immense, rigid branches. And the more it rains, the more the trees grow! Meanwhile on the muddy, brown soil, Pygmy Marmosets travel among the leathery, crumbly leaves.

Down on the ground

picture of jaguar

The jaguar fires his serrated, prolonged claws at the innocent, petrified fish. In the musty air, a fly appears as a delicate, glistening diamond, bouncing its way around to an abandoned, lost mine. The Jesus lizard strolls across the warm, unhygienic water.