The Amazon Rainforest of Brazil by Umamah

The Amazon Rainforest

The heart of the world is the home for animals, insects and much more. There is nothing on earth quite like them. This is a place where the sun smiles down on a green paradise, while clouds pour hot rains onto its inhabitant below.

Would you be able to survive living there? To tell you the truth I wouldn’t be able to live there! I don’t think anyone would be able to live there.

Emergent layer

From the tropical air, a rainbow of glamorous birds glide through the sweltering, incessant heat, like kites, full of pride. They search for their prey to eat. Further below, flies a rainbow coloured tropical parrot with total confidence through the sky. The crystal blue sky is covered in a soft blanket of clouds.

Millions of leaves snuggle in a vast, infinite mosaic of green. There lays a long beaked woodpecker glaring like an observer hunting for its prey. Each leaf angles in a way to catch the maximum amount of sunlight. Many have a special joint at the base of their stalk that enables them to twist and follow the sun as it swings over-head.

The understory is the layer that is nearest to the forest floor. It is hot, damp and the air is still. This part of the rainforest is under the leaves of the trees but above the ground. The trees are like people reaching up to the sky. Do you think this area is sticky? Well, to be honest, it is as sticky as glue!

forest floor

Down below, crouching in the dark, blooming in the sun, the plants pray. They smile at the sun, whilst praying for blessings and hoping for rain.

Meanwhile, snakes slither swiftly across the forest floor searching for food. This is where decomposition happens. Decomposition is the process by which fungi and micro-organisms break down dead plants, animals and recycle essential materials and nutrients.


Can you guess what the weather is like here? Hot and humid! Thunderstorms appear and are like fireworks rattling the sky, blowing off little pieces of thick rope. As the rain falls onto the ground, the trees wiggle and jiggle. As the storm passes by, tigers feast on dead parrots, crushed by a hopping tree.