Tom and the Ceberus by Tahmid

The boy

Once upon a time there lived a clever, young boy called Tom who lived in a small, quaint cottage. One sunny day he began to run to school but his mother warned him โ€œBeware of the Cerberus!โ€ So he ran and he ran and ran until he came to a huge, humongous cave!

The 1st time he looked in the cave he saw dark, frightening shadows.
The second time he peered into the cave he saw scared, petrified people.
The third time he saw red, shiny rubies. A moment later he crept into the darkness and he took not one, not two, but three huge , shiny rubies.

Unfortunately something else was alive in the cave it was the Cerberus. Tom screamed “Aaaahhh!” with the Cerberus barking, punching and sprinting behind him.

Sooner rather than later he came home with pebbles trailing behind him. But in his hand he held not one, not two but three rubies just like the seeds of greed.