The Girls and the Evil Eyeball

eyeballThe Girls and the Evil Eyeball
Once upon a time there lived a few girls who were called Jasmin, Riyan and Rosey. Early one bright morning the girls woke up and began to walk to school but their mother warned them “beware of the evil eyeball!”. So they walked and they walked and they walked. Jiggety-jog, jiggety-jog, jiggety-jog until the came to the evil eyeballs castle. The first time they looked inside the castle they saw guards standing beside the door. The second time they peered inside the castle they heard loud laughing echoing. The third time they stared inside they saw a huge pile of gems. A moment later the girls crept into the castle darkness and took not one, not two but three lovely gems! Unfortunately, there was something else inside the dark castle. Something very evil and something very rude. It was the evil eyeball! He had bad breath, bad guards and the most disgusting yellow teeth! They screamed “Arrrrgggghhhhh!” and they ran and they ran and they ran. Jiggety-jog, jiggety-jog, jiggety-jog with the evil eyeball’s guards running behind them. Sooner rather than later, the girls arrived home just in the nick of time with sweat dripping down their backs but in their hand they had not one, not two but three lovely gems just like seeds of greed……
By Samira Said