Tommy and the Wicked Witch

wicked witch        Tommy and the Wicked Witch

Once upon a time there was a rich boy called Tommy. He lived near a creepy lair. Early one bright morning Tommy woke up and began to walk to school but his mother warned him “beware of the wicked Witch!” So he ran and he ran and he ran, jiggety –jog, jiggety-jog, jiggety-jog until he came to the huge evil lair! The first time he looked inside the evil lair, he saw evil wicked spells banging around the room! The second time he peered in the evil lair, he heard wicked laughs echoing around the lair. The third time he stared inside the lair he saw a pile of glittering emeralds! So he took not one, not two but three huge glittering emeralds! Unfortunately, there was something else alive in the lair! Something very green, something very smelly and something very loud! It was the wicked Witch! The wicked Witch saw Tommy when he took the emeralds. She came straight for him. Then he ran and he ran … jiggety-jog , jiggety –jog –jiggety –jog. Sooner rather than later Tommy arrived home, just in the nick of time. But in his hands he had not one, not two but three huge glittering emeralds just like seeds of greed!


By Muizz