Lucinda and the Ferocious Queen


Once upon a time there was a rich, pretty girl called Lucinda who lived on a quaint mountain. Early one bright morning Lucinda woke up and began to walk to school…But her mother warned her “Beware of the vicious queen!” So, she skied, skied and skied until she arrived at an enormous icy, frosty palace. The first time she looked in the palaces she saw ice pops .The second time she stared into the palace she heard servants serving someone .The third time she peered into the palace she saw crystals. A moment later, Lucinda crept into the darkness and took not one, not two, but three dazzling crystals that glowed like gold. Unfortunately, something else was alive in the palace, something that was very evil, something hideous it was the vicious queen with a nose like a twig, eyes like gems and fingers like leaves!
She shuffled into the shadows and cackled all around. Lucinda screamed “Aaaaahhhh” so she skied and skied and she hear the cackling behind her! Soon rather than later Lucinda arrived home just in the nick of time with snow trailing behind her. But in her hand she held not one not two but three crystals just like the gold of greed.