When the Volcano Erupted!

A long time ago there lived some one-eyed monsters. They had a lovely time and enjoyed themselves. They loved to eat burgers with chips and they had milkshake to drink. They had a fun life and the volcano stayed dormant.

But one day the volcano started to shake. It roared and it rumbled! Black smoke spewed out from its top. Red-hot rocks flew into the air and hit some of the one-eyed monsters. They all tried but only three of the luckiest monsters managed to escape. They went in the cold, icy river and struggled to stay alive. They kicked their legs and flew to monsters university and then kept on walking!

No more oozing rocks, no more volcanoes, no more landing in strange countries! Finally life was good and the three lucky monsters made new friends and began their happy lives together.

by Amina 3F