Interview with World Famous British Singer Jessie J

Jessica it’s such an honour to have you on the show with us tonight. I have been waiting for this moment since the start of my career.

Well it’s my pleasure.

Lets talk abut your new album ‘Sweet Talker’, I’ve heard that you are performing live in New York, aren’t you?

Yes, I think it is quite cool, because me and my assistant actually thought of it.

I have also heard that you performed a song in a school play, at the age of 9?

Well, when I was 6 years old, my mum and dad noticed how much I desired singing, so they thought that they would send me to nativities and school plays just to keep me quiet (laughs).

When do you expect your new album to come out?

Well from what I have heard, I know that it’s going to come out, some time this year.

How do you cope with the attention from all the men? (chuckles)

Well… well some people adore me; others are haters.

It’s obvious that you studied hard with your music in secondary school, now you actually write songs for other artists: Miley Cyrus: Party in the USA – how does that make you feel? 

I got four A levels in secondary school and my dad was so impressed, he decided to send me to a talent show in London and, that was where my whole life changed. It was like a new beginning.

How is your friend Tracy doing?

Well I talked to her last week and she said, she had found a new job.

There are rumours going around, about you getting married, soon?

Well, me and my mum were talking about how she found my dad and she asked me, ‘Why don’t you ever think of getting married?’ and then, I was saying that I would think about it later, so I think that is where the rumour had come from.

We all know that your mum is suffering from a brain tumour and people have been making very sad and upsetting comments on the world wide web. How did that affect your career?

Well… it hasn’t actually… (sheds a tear)… affected my career; it was just that she fell into a coma for 16 days, so I had to miss 3 weeks of rehearsing. So that’s all that happened but… but she still does suffer from a brain tumour.

How do you think she is coping with her brain tumour issue?

Well, so far, so good… she can get up and walk around ,but she just forgets everything she is going to do.

Tell us about who you think you are going to be singing with in your new album, ‘Sweet Talker’?

The thing with me is that I am always ready and confident with whoever I’m going to be singing my new songs, such as this one, ‘Sweet Talker’. But I don’t actually know who I am going to be singing with yet.

Well I think you sound confidently organised. Thank you for coming on the show tonight, I can’t wait for your new single to come out. Thank you again and goodbye!


Jessica Ellen Cornish’s new album is going to come out in 2 months time, so keep tuned. Thank you and goodbye!

By Amina Ahad