Television Interview with Christiano Ronaldo


Hello and welcome to BBC Sport, today we will interview the one and only, Christiano Ronaldo who has decided to come in and talk to us about his career up till now.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to come in today. Can we start by saying, it is obvious that you have inspired many people to play football; our viewers want to know what inspired you?

Actually, that is a very good question which brings me back to my childhood. I remember the days I would just sit down on the couch and watch recordings of Portugal competing in the World Cup. Outside, my hand would cling to the armrest with excitement (Inside, however I was a nervous wreck; adrenaline would rush through my body on every missed chance).

One morning, I sat down at the breakfeast table, and noticed my mum was smiling uncontrolably. She had signed me up to a football team and by the age of 12 I was captain.

We heard, that as a teenager, you faced some very difficult obstacles: your football couch didn’t necessarily like you, and there were lots of people who envied your talent so they chose to bully you. How did this effect your life?

Well… it obviously had a very negative effect on both my personal life and my passion for football. It damaged my self-esteem so seriously that one day I sat on my bed and thought about giving it up

Now, coming back to the present, the Ballon D’Or is coming up and it is common knowledge that you and Lionel Messi are once again competing against each other. Your fans are dying to know who you think will win.

Personally, I think Messi will win as he has had an exceptional season and is constantly expanding on his strength and football skills.

I understand what I am about to ask will be a very emotional subject for you. We have heard about the recent news of your farther passing away. What impact has this had on your life?

I, (sniffs) at first, thought it was my fault for not caring enough. It felt somewhat strange not seeing him, cheering in the stands. He was always there for me.

Thank you for spending the time with us. We all wish you continued success and the best of luck in the upcoming Ballon D’OR.

By Rashid Duale