The Lengedary Island

Tuesday 29th September 2015

It all started in a horizon in the huge ,gargantuan ocean where it was always dark and gloomy. People always want to explore this fearsome  ,nerve cracking  unknown island because there is a hidden treasure that was bursting with gold. But its guarded by beasts that could eat you and traps that could kill you. People tried to explored but they have never returned they say that when you take your first step you killed by the bloody, drooling beast. The ion family just moved in the town it was a family with four kids who just adored exploring. They have heard of the repellent, hair raising island. The whole family went on a special , distinct expedition on a ship and they played on their phones and iPods. The iPods had a magnetic back it was stripy, pappy and really smooth it almost made them feel like they’re in a hot, steaming massage.

It was like they were in an island paradise. After playing games and listening to smooth , popular music they woke up from their lengthy nap and it was night time. Suddenly the rusty, old fashion ship was being attacked by a whale shark the herculean whale shark ripped up the ship with its sharp , piquant teeth. They swam in the gloomy, brunette sea they swam and swam until the angry ,exasperated whale shark was swimming towards them.

They swam and swam suddenly it was quite the family thought they were safe. Suddenly the whale shark WHOOSHED in the air the water from the bewildering beast was amazing to the tenderness family the hungry , ravenous whale shark.

by Jim, 5F