Up in the Sky

Tuesday 29th September 2015


It all started up in a colour full, floating house which was ran by a historic, hopeless man who was trying to get to a land which people enter and which never return. The revolting, bustling land was called Paradise falls, it may seem nice but warns you to not to enter, there will be no more happiness. The man was so distracted that he never even new there was a hansom 8 year old kid called Rustle curly hair and out side off his porch. Screaming HELP please sir can I come in the hopeless man kindly let the kid come in his house. Rustle was so happy to be in another persons house. He looked around the house at all the historical pictures off Joe chart the blimp fly from 20 years ago, 30 minutes later They hovered to the rocky, ablaze ground which was kept to the snipe. The snipe was colure full and had a immense neck which was the size off the largest tree in the world. The snipe loves to eat winsome, magnificent chocolate bar called Cadbury double decker by harry khan he is so famous that he is even on television. The house got suddenly out off control rustle jumped out off the house and the old man started to pull the house across the land. Eventually they saw something super recklessly Rustle thought is was the snipe Rustle held out his chocolate.The snipe took his beck out and bit a piece off chocolate Rustle was scared but he hate to be brave because he was a wilderness explorer.

by Hasnain, 5F