Boastful Naruto and Jumping Jack

One frosty snowing morning, where there was a village resting on the near brink of a cliff, was a miniature school where very few people attended. In the creepy school there were two animals who were amazing athletes. They were skinny, fast and had everything an athlete needed. Their names were Jack the Jaguar and Naruto the Fox. They were both enemies and hated each other which was a terrible thing since they were in lots of clubs together. Then one day at break time Naruto decided he would ask Jack to play Football with him and tell his friend all that had happened during the match.  Jack was worried and wept, ‘’please I don’t want to play, ’but Naruto just exclaimed

‘Everybody wants to watch this match, ‘ so that afternoon they played the match. Just then the whistle blew and the match started… Shot after shot. Save after save. Tackle after tackle. When the match was over the score was 4-0 and Naruto won so he started to boast. ’’I beat you I beat you 4-0, 4-0, 4-0.’’ After that day Jack was traumatised and kept on training until eventually he got better at football. Weeks later he demanded a rematch but Naruto boasted ‘I will still win, but if you want to humiliate yourself, meet me in the football area at 4pm”. Later that day, they were standing face to face while the referee started the countdown

‘3,2,1Toot!Toot!’’ Again the match was on. Shot by shot. Save by save. Tackle by tackle…This time it was 5-2 and Jack had won the match and was cheering with his friends while Naruto cried buckets of tears “ I will never EVER BOAST again”



By Hamza