The Arrogant Wolf and Friendly Fox

One gloomy, thunderous day where thick grey clouds always hovered, there were two animals that were enjoying their maths lesson. One was called Wolfy the gossiping wolf and he was an arrogant selfish wolf that never thought about anyone except himself, and today he was gossiping about his very best friend. His best friend was called Freddy the Friendly Fox, however he was the total opposite and the only difference was that he lost his temper extremely quickly. When the lesson had finished, Wolfy sat on the bench with other animals and was gossiping about Freddy! … When Freddy heard him telling other animals about his deepest, darkest secrets he exclaimed “THAT’S IT!” … Suddenly Freddy stomped over to Wolfy and Wolfy announced “Wat’s up yo” The fox’s face turned as red as a tomato, his fists were clenched as hard as rocks and steam flew out of his nostrils like steam from a train. Wolfy knew he was fuming with anger

“GRRRH” He growled. Moments later Freddy clenched his fist and was swinging them ferociously at Wolfy.

“OW! OW! OW!” Wolfy cried when his Freddy’s fists collided with Wolfy’s cheeks. Before anybody knew it Wolfy was lying in a hospital bed with a dozen broken bones. Mysteriously there wer two people next to him and when he was finally awaken he saw Freddy and a nurse standing next to him. Slowly, he turned to Freddy and Freddy mentioned “There’s a lesson learnt here… Do not gossip” then he walked away promising never to repeat his actions again.


By Mohamed