The Rabbit and The Lion – Fable

The Rabbit and the Lion

One blistering, hot day in a humid  jungle,  whilst  colourful   birds  were  tweeting   sweetly. There was a ferocious lion who was hated by many. Exhausted, he was a sleep on the malodorous floor in the reeking jungle.  Not so far away, there was a poor little orphaned rabbit hopping around with an injured leg.  However, she was loved by all because of her electric personality.

Suddenly, the exhausted lion woke up and grabbed the poor rabbit and kept on shaking her till her teeth rattled before spluttering “You will  make my dinner today”

“oh please don’t eat me” cried the rabbit and then she hopped away relieved from the Lion’s mercy. One hour later, she saw the lion crying rivers of tears and screaming louder than a police siren. “What happened?” muttered the rabbit

“I was walking and all of a sudden … There was complete silence and I saw a net flying then it fell on me and it got stuck in it. Now, I cant move!” Caringly the rabbit nibbled the net away and the Lion spluttered “thank you for rescuing me – Im so glad I spared your life”.


Treat others as you would like to be treated.

By Faizaan